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One of the best features of a concrete driveway is that the material requires little maintenance. Routine care is not needed as much as other materials used in the home. When you have a driveway that is paved with concrete, you can use it for many years, avoiding consistent maintenance over the years. However, the material is not maintenance free. Learning how to preserve the life of your driveway can protect your investment as well as see the concrete maintain its appearance and integrity for years to come.

Clean as Needed

Over the years, you should be able to determine when your driveway is in need of cleaning. You can easily use a pressure washer once a year or so to remove stuck on dirt and grime. Over the year, the concrete driveway is subject to the natural elements. Dirt can stay on the surface and give your driveway a grimy appearance. With a power washing, you will remove the dirt and maintain its visual appeal.

Sealing as Needed

The weather conditions that your concrete is subject to will play a role into when sealing is needed. Also playing a factor is the amount of traffic on the driveway. In general, a concrete driveway should be resealed every two years or so. If you notice the finish of your driveway begins to show wear before that time frame, feel free to go ahead and reapply sealant. A good commercial sealer can be found at hardware stores and easily applied to protect your concrete for years to come.

No Deicing Materials

While deicers can remove the snow and ice from your driveway, they are not recommended for concrete as they can cause surface damage. If you use deicers, you will soon find that your concrete begins scaling and spalling. This is due to the thawing and refreezing of the moisture on your concrete. Rock salt will do less damage to your concrete and still provide the protection you need against the elements. However, it will hurt vegetation and cause corrosion on metal so be aware of your application area.

Assessing Damage

At least once a year, inspect your concrete driveway for damage. If you begin to see cracks or movement in the concrete, have the material inspected by a professional. Any repairs needed can be taken care of quickly so that the driveway is not damaged further in the future. Cracks are an easy repair you can take care of yourself or have them completed by a professional.

Overall, preventative maintenance should begin as soon as your driveway is installed. You do not have to maintain the concrete on a daily basis, but following through with regular cleaning, avoiding deicers and sealing through the years will ensure that your concrete stays in top condition.

Speak with a professional when any repair need occurs so that your driveway can be repaired and back in working order in no time. These simple steps for maintenance can help you protect your driveway for years to come.

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