Does It Come in Color? 

Concrete is often used for the foundation of homes as well as for porches. Older homes often have large concrete porches that have been painted. Over time, the paint on the foundation as well as porch can peel and fade if not added correctly. Whether you live in an older home and want to revamp your foundation and porch or your building a new home with these elements, it is important to get to know your painting options.

Most homeowners do not want a basic gray foundation and concrete porch. Color brings life to the home and can make your dwelling stand out. But will painting the concrete reduces the structural integrity of the material? If done correctly, it will not. Follow the steps below to ensure you make the right decisions when painting the concrete areas of your home.

Sealing Primer

If you are painting the foundation and the porch of your home, the concrete must be cleaned first. Once the area is free of dirt and grime, you are ready to start with a sealer. A sealing primer provides a good base for the paint and ensures a form of protection for the concrete. Sealers should be used that are specifically created for masonry. This type of sealer will be thicker and more durable than traditional paint.

Once the sealer is applied and dried, you can then use an epoxy-based paint that will provide even more durability for your concrete. This helps to reduce stains as well as water issues. A masonry paintbrush or a textured roller should be used to have full coverage.

Be sure to pay attention to how you are painting. If you are painting a concrete floor, don’t paint yourself into a corner! Look at the room and ensure you are able to paint the area effectively and remove yourself from the space once finished.

What About Waterproofing?

The sealer you add to the concrete in the first step acts as a waterproofing option. You can also choose to paint the concrete and then add a sealer on top for added protection. The way you paint your concrete is really dependent on the surface you are painting. A foundation will need to be painted a bit differently than an interior concrete floor.

It is important to note that such projects are long and involved as the concrete needs to be prepped as well as paint applied in a specific manner. Painting concrete is much more different than painting a traditional wall.

If you are considering painting areas of concrete in your home, consult with a concrete professional. Having someone review the area and provide suggestions, even complete the project for you, will ensure that your concrete is painted correctly. This helps to avoid any water damage in the home as well as durability for your concrete for years to come.

Learning more about your paint options as well as sealers will help you to feel more comfortable about the project.

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