The term concrete leveling is used to describe a process that levels concrete back to its intended position. Concrete patios, walkways, and driveways are often subject to issues such as being uneven, cracking or sunken in areas. When this occurs, leveling can be used to place the concrete back in its former position.

Also known as mudjacking, the process of concrete leveling fills in the empty space underneath the concrete to provide a level area. When concrete is laid, the surface must be prepared correctly. Many times, problems with the installation will lead to leveling issues in the future. When the base of the area is not constructed properly, space can grow in-between the ground and the concrete. This leads to an unlevel surface.

When you have an unlevel concrete surface, the concrete looks unattractive and can be a tripping hazard. No one wants to have a driveway or sidewalk that has an unlevel surface. Thankfully, concrete leveling can repair the issue.

The Process

With concrete leveling, the process is pretty simple. Though it does take a professional concrete company to complete the job correctly. To begin, the area where the problem exists will be reviewed. Once the issue is understood, the crew can get to work. In most cases, small holes will be drilled in strategic locations on the unlevel concrete.

The holes will then be filled with a material. Some companies such as cement, finely crushed rock materials such as limestone or even a foam injection. The void must be filled with a material in order to able to repair the problem due to soil compaction or erosion.

As the area is filled with the material, the sunken area of concrete will begin to rise. Even pressure is provided across the entire slab so that the concrete is easily raised. It takes a professional touch to ensure the holes are drilled in the right areas, the right amount of injection material is used and that the block is raised carefully to the correct position.

Once the concrete has been filled and in position, the last step can take place. A non-shrinking grout can be used to fill in the drilled holes. This allows the concrete to remain in good condition and appear relatively as normal. You most likely won’t be able to tell that the leveling process took place!

It is quite common for several areas of the home that involve concrete to need mudjacking or leveling services. This can include sidewalks, patios, driveways, pool areas, porches, interior concrete slabs, and garage floors.

Don’t wait to have an unlevel portion of concrete repaired. If you find that your concrete is unlevel, rely on an expert team of concrete specialists to use this unique technique to restore your concrete to its normal position. This will protect everyone in the home from possible accidents, plus help to maintain the value and the overall look of your dwelling.

The cost of leveling is much more affordable than redoing a concrete area. Be sure to have this option reviewed before going a different route for repair.

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