Many homes have a basement area, a place used for storage or safety during weather such as tornados. When purchasing a new home, you may be in search of a property that includes a basement. If you are looking for such a home, you want to ensure that the area is inspected thoroughly during the home inspection. Basement areas can be subject to flooding as well as cause structural issues within the home. read on to see why any potential home should have the basement thoroughly inspected.


Basement areas are prone to flooding. Any home buyer should have a basement area inspected to ensure space is not going to flood in the future. This could be to check for cracks or leaks. A professional inspector will be able to see signs of water leakage, easily able to see if a problem already exists. A water leak or crack is something that will need to be fixed.

If you are considering buying a home, you can request that the seller fix this issue before you agree to purchase the home. Flooding issues can be quite pricy, especially if the basement area was not waterproofed. By learning more about this space, you can be sure of exactly what you are getting into without experiencing problems in the future.

Check for Smells, Rodents, and Pests

A basement area should also be inspected for smells, rodents, and pests. Smells could include feces or urine, sure signs of a rodent or pest problem. Smells can also include mold and mildew in the space which can be a sign of a leak or water damage. By inspecting for smells, you can narrow down any potential problems.

Basements can have water damage issues which can lead to mold and mildew. This issue can be a health hazard as well as cause structural damage. Have the basement inspected for mold or mildew and ask the seller to take care of the problem before you move in.

Structural Integrity

In a home with a basement, this portion of the home is the area that maintains the structural integrity of the home. If any weak spots are present, it can cause issues in the future. You do not want to have to deal with slanting floors, bulging walls or other issues when there are structural issues that start in the basement.

When a home is built correctly, the basement will maintain structural integrity and the home will be in perfect shape. With an inspection of the basement area, a professional inspector will be able to determine if any structural issues are present. If so, you can request the repairs are made before purchasing the home.

Any home with a basement can have issues. Having the area inspected by a professional will ensure you make the best decision with your new home purchase. A full inspection of the home should be completed so that you pay the appropriate value and any repairs are completed before you take ownership. Always make sure that the home is inspected fully so that any issues are found before you sign the dotted line.

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