If you are like most home owners, you have little to no knowledge of home construction. Once you moved into your home, you learned how to care for day to day needs, like changing a light bulb or resetting a flipped breaker, but major repairs are not your forte. It is important to learn what you can about your home so that you are able to catch major issues, such as foundation repair needs. The foundation of your home is an integral part of the overall structural integrity. Without a quality foundation, your home can fall apart. Catching repair needs early can save your home as well as cost less to repair.

How late is too late when it comes to repairing your foundation. Can a home really be too far gone to repair? Only a professional contractor will be able to tell you whether or not your home is unsafe and must be evacuated. If you see severe damage to your foundation after a natural disaster or over time, it is important to have your home evaluated. Overall, the foundation should be reviewed from time to time and any changes to the home noted so that repairs can be provided as needed.

Problems Leading to Issues

There are several problems that can lead to foundation issues. Movement and reshaping are key factors for issues. Uneven settling can lead to foundation issues along with a break in the water main, flooding and improper grading of the soil surrounding the foundation. If the home was built on fill soils that were improperly compacted or clay that is expansive, then you might have a problem in the future.

Problems to Watch For

As the home owner, you should be inspecting your foundation on a regular basis. You want to be on the lookout for cracking and sagging. You can also take note of issues inside the home that can be a sign your foundation is having issues. Cracks in the walls, sloping floors, and ill-fitting doors are sure signs of foundation movement and problems.

Along with having to repair the foundation, you may extra costs. The drywall may need to be replaced due to cracking. Floor trim may need to be replaced if the floors were sloping and existing trim breaks away and cracks. Joists of the floor may need to be replaced. Doors and door frames may also require repair.

Overall, an issue with the foundation can be a major cost and extend further than the lower areas of your home. When purchasing a new home, have a full inspection conducted. This way, any foundation issues are caught early and the home can be repaired if needed.

In an existing home, check your foundation when you notice issues inside the home as well as just on a regular basis. By catching any small signs early, you can have the foundation repaired quickly, avoiding any major costs or repairs in the future. Being proactive is your best chance of avoiding a big problem with your foundation.

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