Basements are commonly found in homes across the United States. In newer homes, basements are used to provide additional living space as well as a shelter when needed from natural elements such as tornados. In older homes, basements can still be used and are often updated to create more usable space overall. Basements are constructed from concrete, a durable material that can easily withstand the elements as well as handle the load of the upper floors of the home.

Over time, a basement area can be in need of repairs. Small repairs can include cracks along the walls or floor of the basement area. Buckling can also take place within the walls due to the shifting of the home or water damage. When your basement is in need of repair, it should be inspected by a concrete professional. But what if your basement requires multiple repairs? Is it safe to complete several repairs at one time?

Professional Opinion

To begin, you want to have your basement evaluated by a professional. A concrete company can look at your basement, review any cracks or buckling and be able to determine what repairs are needed. If your basement is in need of several repairs, an estimate will be provided.
A professional engineer and/or contractor will know which repairs need to be handled first and in what order. In many cases, certain repairs will take precedence over others and will require repairing first before moving on to the next repair.

With an evaluation and estimate, you will know exactly what needs to be fixed and how much it will cost. Do not be afraid to ask questions and make any comments about the repair suggestions. It is best to fully understand what repairs your basement needs so you know what is going on with your home and how serious the situation is.

Avoid DIY in the Basement

It is best for homeowners to avoid DIY repairs in the basement area. You never know when a small problem you find might be a sign of something major going on with the structural integrity of your home. By consulting a professional, you can find out if cracks and buckling are from normal settling or a major issue.
If you repair a small crack yourself and don’t have a further inspection, you may find out later that your home is subject to major structural damage. By having the home evaluated by a professional from the beginning, they would have noticed the problem and provided a solution.

Without a professional opinion, you may have a major problem that will get even worse without proper treatment. This can mean major repair cost down the road.

Avoid any major structural damage issues within your home by always having your basement inspected by a contractor or engineer. With the help of experienced professionals, you will be able to have your basement repaired correctly, ensuring no further damage to your home in the future.

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