The foundation of your home is the building blocks on which your dwelling resides. Without the foundation, the structure of your home would be at risk. You need a strong foundation to ensure your home can stand erect for a lifetime. In general, foundations will have settling or slight movement issues, but nothing out of the ordinary. However, some homeowners experience issues that require repair assistance, even crazy instances where the foundation is damaged so much it seems unfixable. Learning more about regular repair needs and how a foundation can be fixed will help you to feel better about any repairs you may need in the future.

Common Repairs

In general, the foundation of a home can shift or settle over time due to the movement of the soil in which the home sits. This can cause cracking on the exterior and/or the interior walls of the home. The drywall may need to be repaired along with any door frames or window frames that may have been affected by the shifting. This is common repair needs and something that an experienced contractor can help with.
If you begin to notice cracks going up the walls or you have doors that will not close or open as they normally would, then you have a foundation problem. An experienced contractor can easily review your foundation and take the appropriate action to ensure your home is corrected.

Heavy Damage

In other odd instances, the foundation of the home is affected by situations that do not normally happen. Let’s say for instance a car runs through your home. This is not something you expect to happen but it does occur, believe it or not. Your foundation can take on severe damage when hit by an oncoming vehicle due to drunk driving or other issues.

Home’s have been subject to complete sections of the foundation being knocked away due to an accident involving a vehicle. When this happens, a brace may need to be added quickly so that the home does not fall in on itself. This will require the assistance of a professional contracting company. Quick action must be taken to ensure the home is not affected negatively. The home should also be cleared out until it is deemed safe again.

Another major issue can be due to flooding. If you have heavy flooding near your home, the soil can wear away. When flooding takes place in massive amounts, it can wear so much soil away that leads to major shifting of the foundation. This can take the weight off of sections of your home that can then cause flooring and joist issues. Any time the soil is damaged or push away due to water, the foundation of your home should be inspected.

So, whether you are facing a minor foundation issue or a major one, help can be found! Be sure to have your foundation inspected on a regular basis to ensure that no problems exist or to locate minor issues and take action before a minor problem turns into a major one!

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