As a homeowner, you take great pride in your home. From the exterior to the interior, you clean, repair and maintain to ensure your investment. Outdoors, there are many areas to consider for maintenance and repairs including the landscaping, concrete driveway, walkways, pathways, and porches. With regular pressure washing and care, these concreate areas stay looking the very best. But what about concrete on the inside of the home? These areas need TLC as well. Read on to see what you can do to protect and care for interior concrete.

Concrete Flooring

When you have concrete flooring in the home, it requires regular TLC. You should be using a dust mop or damp mop to clean away dirt and grime. A pH-neutral cleaner and water can be used from time to time for a deeper clean. A sealer and wax coat is also beneficial. Over time, you will need to add more sealer and wax to protect the flooring.

If you have had your concrete floors for some time and have yet to add a new coat of sealant, now is the time to do so. You can add the sealant yourself or hire a professional to do the work for you, ensuring that your concrete is protected.

Basement Areas

Basements are common areas in the home that consist of concrete flooring as well as walls. The concrete in this area needs to be protected to avoid water damage in the home. When the home was constructed, a sealer should have been used on the interior as well as exterior for protection. Over time, the sealer must be applied again to ensure that water cannot penetrate into the home.

On the outside of your home, care should be taken with landscaping and grading of the yard to ensure water does not pool around the basement. With sealant on the outside and interior, you have two layers of protection from any water outside the home.
Basements can also have concrete flooring that requires sealant. Be sure to care for this area as well so that your basement is easily cleaned and not at risk of water damage in the future.

Concrete Countertops

When you have concrete countertops in the home, they require care as well. A top trend today is to add concrete counters to the kitchen, providing a rustic and industrial feel. With concrete countertops, they must be sealed properly to avoid staining or etching. When you have this type of countertop, it is recommended that you use a penetrating sealer and then wax the tops once a month to be able to have an easier time cleaning up messes.

These are just a few ways that interior concrete should be cared for. Consider the concrete materials or components you have in your home. What needs a little TLC? Having a regular maintenance list you follow will ensure that each year, every aspect of your home is cared for, including concrete components!

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