Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays, for both kids and adults alike! From decorating the home to dressing up in costumes for trick or treating, Halloween is enjoyable and exciting. However, there is one downside, pranks! When it comes to Halloween pranks, some are in good fun, but others can be damaging to your home. If your property falls victim to particular pranks, learn how to handle the cleanup so your concrete will not be damaged and need repair.


One of the messiest Halloween pranks to take place is egging. Kids and even adults will take cartons of eggs and throw them at your property. If you find out about the egging early, the cleanup will be much easier than if the eggs have dried. However, when eggs land on your concrete driveway, sidewalk or porch, they may be harder to remove.

In general, it is recommended that a non-bleach detergent is used with water and talc powder to create a paste. You can then use the paste on tough spots to remove the egg. Cover the paste in plastic wrap and let it sit for about an hour. Rinse the paste off and scrub. Hopefully, the egg will be removed and you can rest easy without stains on your concrete.

Silly String

Another common item used in Halloween pranks is silly string. When your house is hit by a large group, you may find several areas of silly string on your property. The goal is to remove the substance before it dries as it can be more difficult to remove. If the silly string is wet when you remove it, you should be able to peel it up and then wash the concrete with water.

If the silly string is dry, you will most likely need a power washer to remove the material. If you allow the silly string to stay in place for too long, you may end up with stains on your concrete. Work quickly to avoid any staining.

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is often used during pranks on Halloween, with the material draped across tree limbs, your front porch and other areas. In general, toilet paper is easy to clean up. However, if you have a late night rain or dew in the morning hours, the material will get wet. It can then dry and stick to surfaces like concrete.

If you have stuck on toilet paper on your concrete driveway or porch, a high-powered pressure washer will do the trick. Take your time and spray the area so that all the toilet paper is removed.

You can try to avoid being a victim of Halloween pranks by watching your home or by making it clear that someone is home, even if you are not! If you are home, take time to look outdoors from time to time, if you think someone might hit your house. If you are out and about, leave a few lights on, a radio or television so any potential pranks will be warded off due to the threat of being caught!

If you do find your house is pranked, work quickly to clean up the mess to avoid any potential damage.

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