If you live in a neighborhood or have access to a public park nearby, you probably spend a lot of your time there. From basketball courts to walking trails, cities and towns across the United States offer a variety of ways to enjoy the outdoors. Many of these areas are constructed from concrete and over time, may be subject to repair needs. But who is responsible for repairs? It is important to call the right people to ensure a problem is resolved correctly and as quickly as possible to avoid more damage or injury.

Public Works

For starters, you need to contact the right department for the concrete repair need. If you have found a major issue with sidewalks or the roadways, then you would want to contact the local public works department. This group would be in charge of repairing sidewalks and roads when damage occurs. When you notice damage in a public area, give the office a call and see who you should talk to about the issue. Speak to several people if needed to find the right person to get the job done.

Parks and Recreation

In most cities and towns, there is a Parks and Recreation department. This group is responsible for local parks and recreation areas. If you have visited a local park and notice a crumbling area of concrete around playground equipment, this needs to be addressed. Children could get hurt while playing. Contacting the parks department should see the problem resolved. Walking paths in state and public parks are also this division’s responsibility. If you find issues with concrete walkways that could create a hazard for the public, contact the office for assistance. You will need to be able to describe the area, which could prove difficult if you are on a large trail or deep into a wooded area. Take note of your surroundings and any mile markers or other notable items in the area to be able to explain the location in need of repair.

Other Government Entities

If you are having difficulty finding the right department to discuss the issues you have found involve public areas and concrete, start by contacting the city or town government. You can start with the mayor’s office or even the tourism board. In general, someone will be able to direct you to the right location to find some assistance. Technically, the general public is not allowed to repair concrete issues like potholes, crumbling sidewalks or other issues on public property. The local government is supposed to take care of these issues in a timely manner. However, budget cuts and time restraints may see such projects fall to the wayside. Overall, if you keep at it and be persistent with contacting officials, you should be able to see the issue resolved in a timely manner. The quickness of a government entity to repair an issue will be based on the immediate need. If the problem is one where someone could be hurt, they should act quickly to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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