If you are planning on removing concrete from your property, the process is not as simple as you might think. Whether you are planning on removing a small sidewalk or large patio, there is much to consider. Prep work is a must to ensure your project is completed without any complications. Read on to find out what you need to do in order to prepare your property for concrete removal.

Consider the Project

For starters, before your do anything, you must consider the scale of the project. Smaller concrete removal can be a DIY project, but larger areas might require equipment and the help of a team. What are you removing? If the concrete you plan on pulling up is large scale, like a patio or driveway, enlist the help of a professional. With the right equipment, the process can be completed quickly and your space free and clear of concrete in no time.

Clearing the Area

Before you can begin concrete removal, you must clear the area. Are you taking up a concrete patio? If so, you will need to store any furniture or other items on the patio out of the way. The area needs to be completely clear so the work can begin. If large equipment is needed for removal, be sure that you have a clear path that the machines can be driven through to reach your concrete area.

Tools of the Trade

To remove concrete, you need tools and materials. You will need something to help you pry up the concrete as well as something to move the concrete off your property. For smaller projects, a sledgehammer or jackhammer can be used to break up the concrete. You can then use a wheelbarrow to remove the concrete from the space.

Larger projects will require the use of hand saws or road saws to cut sections and remove the concrete in small sections at a time. You can do this yourself by renting tools, but if you do not have experience it is best to leave the larger scale removal projects to the experts.

Safety Essentials

When removing concrete, it is also important to protect yourself. When using a jackhammer, ear plugs will protect your hearing. Safety glasses should be worn at all times to ensure that debris does not enter your eyes causing injury. A hardhat may also be required depending on the scale of the project. Gloves should be worn when removing the concrete pieces to avoid injury to the hands or arms.

Before starting a removal project, be sure you have the proper safety equipment in place so that you can reduce the risk of injury.

As you can see, there is much prep work to be done before you can begin a concrete removal project. Taking time to complete the prep properly will ensure that removal is completed in a timely manner without any delays or issues. Plan your removal accordingly and you will have a fresh space on your property in no time!

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