Concrete is a sturdy material that is used in several ways throughout the home. From patios and porches to sidewalks, you most likely have concrete in some form or fashion. The material is so durable, it may seem impossible to connect it to other materials, such as wood. However, it can be done! Knowing the right way to fasten wood to concrete will help you to complete projects around the home with ease. Read on to find three examples involving how to properly attach wood to concrete surfaces.

Hammer-Set Concrete Fasteners

One option you have is to use hammer-set concrete fasteners. This option would be used if you were hanging shelving or other wood elements on concrete walls. The fasteners are used to connect the wood to the concrete and can easily be purchased at a home improvement store.
You will need to predrill a hole in the concrete and then drill a hole in your wood so the two will align. Then place the wood up to the concrete and put the fasteners in place. This is basically an anchor method that allows the wood to stay secure within the concrete.

Concrete Screws

Another option you have is to use concrete screws. This method can also work for wood hangings on concrete-like shelving or if you are attaching wood to a concrete floor. The concrete screws need to be long enough to penetrate completely through the wood and into the concrete by one inch. To determine your size, measure the depth of the wood and concrete.

Predrill your holes and then you are ready to attach your screws. To help create a tight fit, you can insert copper wiring into the hole in the concrete and wood. The copper wire can be cut to size and threaded into the hole before the screw is added for extra security.

Mortar Nails

Yet another option to consider is mortar nails. This is a good option if you are attaching something to a concrete foundation or perhaps basement walls. The nails work on concrete blocks that are secured with mortar. The nails are not strong enough to hammer through concrete, so they should only be used if your mortar is involved. This is the cheapest method to attach wood to concrete in the home.

With this method, there is no need to predrill holes. Just mark your wood where you will be placing the nails and line it up with the mortar of the concrete bricks. Hammer through and you should have a solid connection.

These are just a few ways you can attach wood to concrete. Remember to do your homework before drilling into any concrete surface or trying to attach wood with nail options. You do not want to damage your concrete or cause issues that will have a high repair cost. Consult with an expert if you are unsure of the method you should use when attaching wood to concrete surfaces. This way, you won’t make a costly mistake during your next project!


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