If you are considering a new concrete installation for your home, such as a patio or walkway, you may have wondered if lighting is an option. Can you add lighting to the concrete installation to have a permanent built-in fixture? The answer is yes and no. Unlike can lighting used in home ceilings or walls, concrete is a solid fixture so this type of built-in lighting will not work. You would not have access to wiring if issues occurred. However, there are ways to add lighting to your concrete patios and walkways. Read on to see how you can make additions to your next installation.

Consider Your Options

The first thing you need to do when installing a new concrete addition is to consider your options for lighting. Are you looking for lighting to be able to see clearly or just accent lighting? The type of lighting required will help you to decide which option to install with your project.

Accent lighting can easily be added by using solar installations. Large or small openings can be left in the concrete the size and shape of the lighting fixture. Once the concrete dries, the solar light can be installed, with batteries of course, then placed in the opening. The light from the sun charges the fixture and then at night, you have light. The fixture can easily be removed when new batteries are needed to ensure the area remains well-lit at all times.

Stair Tread Lighting

Are you creating a concrete porch with steps leading up to your front or back door? If so, you want quality lighting in this area of your home as well. A solution to your lighting needs is stair tread lighting. Concrete step lights can easily be added to the stairs and provides a downward light for the step below. This simple addition provides quality lighting so you can easily see to access the area during the nighttime hours.

Do your Research

Before having your next concrete addition installed, do your homework on lighting alternatives. Speak to concrete and lighting experts to find out the options you have to install lighting based on your individual project. By learning your options, you can make an informed decision to ensure you can afford the lighting installation and will benefit from the light provided.

Consulting with experts gives you options for lighting, most likely giving you ideas that you never thought of. This can help you to choose an option that provides task lighting or simple ambiance for your next concrete installation.

If the choices are not affordable, don’t forget you can add lighting yourself with solar installations like small pathway lighting or overhead lights. There are solutions that do not involve complicated installations that can easily be switched out later for a more expensive solution.

Weigh your options and find the right solution that works for you and your lighting needs. In no time, your concrete project will be finished, and you will have nice lighting to enjoy the area during the nighttime hours, whenever you like!

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