If you have completed any research on outdoor concrete, then you must have noticed that experts recommend the material is sealed. An outdoor concrete sealer is worthwhile, and also a necessity. If you want a concrete surface to remain intact and avoid unwanted repairs, sealing is key. Without the additional layer of protection, the concrete will absorb moisture which will lead to cracking, spalling, flaking and discoloration. Unsealed concrete can easily fail, which leads to more money spent on repairs and reinstallation.

Subject to the Elements

The main reason that a sealer is needed for outdoor concrete is due to the harsh elements of the outdoors. When you have a concrete driveway, sidewalks, porch or other areas that are located outside, it will be affected by wind, rain, dirt, snow and other issues. A high-quality sealer is a key to ensuring the concrete is able to withstand these elements without damage.

With an advanced sealer, you are adding a level of efficiency and strength to the concrete. The material will last longer and avoid major issues with this layer of protection. From pool decks to patios, the sealer will reduce the risk of damage that can be caused by the elements or specific conditions based on the concrete’s location. Without sealing, the concrete can easily be damaged and require an unwanted cost for repairs.

Sealing the Concrete

Now that you know how important a concrete sealer is, it’s time to get to work. Your concrete areas need to be sealed every few years, depending on the area and how it is affected by the elements as well as the type of sealer you use. You don’t want to overdo it, but you also want to be sure that your concrete has proper protection.
When using a concrete sealer, it is best to apply two thin coats. The first coat will act as a primer, just as if you were painting. The sealer will absorb into the concrete. The second thin coat will provide an even finish and ensure the concrete is protected.

When choosing your sealer, do your homework on the best options for your project needs. There are many types on the market today include silicone sealers. You want to use the best product for your concrete area. Read the directions fully for the sealer that you choose to ensure that you apply it correctly.
Ventilation is key, but when working with outdoor areas, you should have plenty of fresh air. Be sure to have the tools needed on-hand so that once you get to work, you can continue to apply the sealer until completion.

Once a sealer has been applied to give it plenty of time to dry. It is best to apply sealers in the fall or spring as the temperatures are moderate and will allow for the best drying times. Keep note of when you sealed your concrete so, in the future, you can seal the area again as needed.

Once your concrete is sealed, you will find the area is more durable, able to withstand the elements for many years to come!


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