The spring months, especially April, are known for heavy rainfall. When you have an overabundance of rain near the home, it can cause issues with your concrete installations, such as porches, patios and even foundations. To avoid any water issue, it is important to take time and waterproof these areas. Now is a perfect time to do so before the wetter months arrive.

Waterproofing concrete will prolong life as well as the durability of the structure. Areas that are prone to flooding or standing water can lead to issues without waterproofing. Basement areas or foundations can be subject to flooding which can lead to mold and mildew as well as weakening of the structure.

Breaking Down the Concrete

When you have water settling on your concrete, it starts to break down the material over time. The concrete can erode or have major mold problems due to soaking in a ton of water. This can lead to problems inside the home such as damage to your walls and flooring, which means more repair needs and a higher cost for the renovation.
If you want concrete to maintain its strength and durability, then waterproofing is a must. The application of waterproofing sealants can be a DIY project or completed by a professional. Either way, the concrete is better protected which means a lower chance of water damage in the future.

Benefits of Waterproofing Concrete Materials

With waterproofing, you are going to find many benefits for your concrete material. First of all, you will be creating a barrier so that you prevent mold and mildew from attacking the flooring and walls of your home.
You are also going to reduce the risk of maintenance costs as well as cleanup. When you have waterproofed a structure, you don’t run the risk of major water damage. When water leaks into your basement or underneath the home due to no waterproofing in place, major cleanup and damage can occur. Flooring and walls can be destroyed as well as furniture and personal belongings after a heavy rainstorm or flooding.
With waterproofing inside your home, you are also increasing your overall property value. If you plan on eventually selling, you have set up yourself nicely with a waterproofed space. It is a good selling point and shows potential buyers that you care about your home.

Prepping the Concrete and Using Quality Products

Before you can waterproof concrete, it must be prepped and ready to go. This includes cleaning the surface and ensuring the concrete is dry. Dirt needs to be swept away and any old paint or wall coverings removed. Holes should be patched up as well.

When waterproofing concrete in the home, be sure to use the best product types for your project. You will find several options for waterproofing so, find products that work for space, such as if you are waterproofing concrete flooring or your foundation. Products are specifically created for certain spaces to ensure success and performance.

Take a look at your concrete areas today and consider waterproofing before the April showers begin to further protect your home!


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