Whether you have a concrete foundation or basement within the home, it can be susceptible to critters. From bugs to small animals like mice and rats, you may find cracks in your foundation are leading to an influx of these annoying pests. A simple fix to your foundation can be the solution to critter problems, but only if you recognize the issue. Read on to see how you can seal your foundation so that bugs and small animals are not gaining entry into your home.

Critter Infestation

Bugs like cockroaches, mice, rats, and even snakes can enter a home via the foundation, especially if cracks are present. Bugs and animals seek refuge from the weather as well as to get away from predators by entering residential spaces. An infestation can occur depending on access to your foundation or basement area, as well as where your home is located.

Many homeowners who are located in near-empty fields or wooded areas often have more problems with pests inside the home. If you have cracks in your foundation or basement, this is most likely where they are gaining entry. They can come in and out with ease and you have no idea until the cracks are noticed.
Even the smallest of cracks can provide an entry point for bugs and smaller animals. By sealing up these cracks, you are going to be able to keep such critters out, so there will be no surprises in your home!

Inspecting and Sealing Minor Cracks

The first step to solving your critter problem is to review your foundation or basement area. Look at the exterior and see if there are any cracks. If you have small cracks, you can fix these yourself. If you find major issues with the foundation, it is best to speak with an expert. This way, you avoid causing any further damage and you have the foundation repaired correctly.

Once you find the cracks and know the entry points, you can get to work filling them in. The area will need to be cleaned and any loose chips removed. You can then use a concrete patch or a filler to fill in the empty space. You can add the filler and then use a trowel or putty knife depending on the size of the crack to remove excess filler.
Allow the filler to dry and you will find the crack is no longer open and critters will not have access to your home. You can use a filler with latex so that the product provides elasticity and adhesion. This way, with any movement of the foundation, the crack remains filled.

If you are unsure about the process of repairing the crack, you can always consult with concrete companies for an expert opinion. Contact several companies for advice as well as estimates if you want someone else to do the work for you.

By repairing the cracks you find in your foundation or basement walls, you can ensure your home is protected from unwanted critters. Get started reviewing your foundation today to keep those pesky bugs and animals out!


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