Concrete is commonly used for projects around the home, from patios and pool areas in the backyard to driveways and sidewalks in the front. When using concrete, it creates a durable and sustainable surface. To increase the value and usability of your concrete project, you can add built-in features such as recessed lighting or planters. But how do you do this? Some projects can be DIY but should often be left up to the experts. Check out a few features you can add below to give your installation more character and use.

Recessed Lighting

Just because concrete is a hard material does not mean it cannot be home to light fixtures. Take a patio for example. When you are installing a new patio, you can create areas for recessed lighting so that you have access to lighting to enjoy the space in the evening hours.
To add recessed lighting, piping needs to be utilized for the wiring. The piping is laid into the concrete with open connections for the light fixtures to be placed. Once this is done, the full concrete installation begins. When finished, you have smooth areas where the lighting is placed and can easily be used to illuminate the space.
With this installation, the help of an electrician is a plus. When you have a patio installed, you can hire an electrician to do the lighting work for you, ensuring the recessed lighting is placed in the area correctly. This is an added feature that offers beauty and function to space.

Concrete Planters

Another option that can be built into a concrete patio or porch is a concrete planter. If you enjoy fresh flowers or greenery, you can have planters installed when concreting a porch or patio. The planters can be in any style and provide an open space for dirt and greenery. You can create planters that are large or small and easily change out the greenery during various seasons.

Fire Pit or Fireplace

Another great feature to add with a concrete installation is a fire pit or fireplace. Either option provides an added element to your home that can be used for warmth and style. A fire pit is a simple solution as it can be an open area in the middle of a concrete patio. The empty space can then be filled with rocks or simply dirt to place firewood.
With a fireplace, you have a more decorative element. A concrete fireplace can be a mix of smooth concrete and brick to meet the aesthetic of your home and style desires. Easily use the fireplace with firewood, add an electric insert or place candles inside for a touch of light.

There are many ways to add features to concrete installations. By working with an expert in the field of concrete installations, you can come up with new ways to make your next patio, porch or other concrete installation truly stand out. Think outside the box and find a way to add features that you will use and enjoy for many years to come!


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