When installing a driveway for the home, the installation requires consideration due to possible flooding. You want any rainwater to drain away from the home and/or garage instead of causing flooding issues. Upon installation, sloping should occur, so drainage moves away from the home. If you already have an installed driveway and have water pooling or flooding problems, then drainage considerations are needed.

The Design of the Driveway

Most driveways are designed to limit water from building up on the surface. Drainage principles are used to ensure that water does not damage the home and drains away. During the concrete installation, sloping is added so that any water will drain away toward the street and not towards the home. However, there are some instances where sloping is not an option. This can be due to uneven terrain or hilly areas.
When you have a driveway that slopes towards the home, due to a lower landscape, water can build up in the low spots. It can accumulate and begin to cause foundation issues or flooding during heavy storms. In this case, additional drainage solutions are needed.

Drainage Solutions

One option you can implement to help remove unwanted water near your home is to install a trench surface drain. A surface drain is a long drain that will be placed in a recessed trench. It will sit below the driveway surface and have a grate that covers the trench. This helps to avoid any build-up of debris and the use of cars on the driveway.
The drain will be installed to run the width of the driveway and should be placed at the lowest point where the water gathers. The drain needs to run in such a way that any standing water will be moved away from the home. This can be tricky based on the type of landscape your home sits on.

Professional Assistance

Whether you are laying a new driveway for your home or need to install a drainage solution, relying on the experts is key. With a concrete professional, a new driveway can be installed that focuses on drainage needs. The proper sloping or system can be put in place to ensure water does not pool or flood the home in the future.
If you have an existing driveway and you are experiencing water issues, you have a problem. Contact a professional driveway expert to help with finding the right solution for your water problem. The driveway is already in place, so the most affordable solution will be to consider other drainage solutions, like the trench system.
A professional will be able to look at your driveway and determine the issue. Once the problem is revealed, a solution can be provided to make sure water is not a problem anymore.

Don’t wait to add drainage systems to your driveway or you may be at risk of spending more on home repairs due to water damage. Acting quickly will ensure that your home is not affected as the driveway is more functional in the event of rain.


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