If you are like everyone else and practicing social distancing during this time due to the outbreak of COVID-19, then you are spending a lot more time at home. You are most likely bored and looking for things to do. One option you have is to work on home projects. Do you have a basement area in the home? If so, take this time to review the space and see if you have an issue going on. From water damage to cracks in the walls, basements need regular attention to ensure their integrity. Check out a few tips below on what you can check to ensure that your basement is in tip-top shape.

Water Damage

One of the main issues that basements are subject to is water damage. It is not uncommon for the water to seep into basement walls or flooring and you have no idea until the problem is a big one. During this time at home, check your space for water damage. After heavy rain, look at the walls and flooring. Are there any damp spots? Even if you have no rain in the forecast, you can inspect the basement and look for mold or mildew damage. This is another sign that you have water damage in this area. You can also look for musty smells. Be sure to check areas that you don’t access many, such as closets that contain water heaters or other small and confined spaces.

By reviewing your home for water damage, you can figure out if you need to make any repairs. It is essential that water damage be taken care of as quickly as possible to avoid further issues. When you do not take care of water damage, you run the risk of mold as well as structural damage. Any water damage problem should be reviewed by a contractor so that the appropriate repairs can take place.

Cracking or Buckling

Two other common problems in basement areas include cracking and buckling. Over time, the basement walls can begin to settle which can lead to cracking or buckling. Cracking, of course, is when you see a crack form in the concrete walls or along with the flooring. With buckling it is when the walls or flooring have a bump of sorts where it appears as though something is pushing through. Both of these problems are issues that need to be dealt with quickly because they can lead to even more problems in the future.

Take a walk around your basement. Look behind furniture and any items that may be blocking the walls or flooring. Do you see any cracks or buckled areas? Common settling is not a problem, but if you have a major movement that has caused a crack to form or a shift in the walls or flooring that leads to buckling, the issue needs to be addressed.

If you notice any problems after reviewing your basement, contact a professional for assistance. Have your basement repaired so you will not face any additional problems in the future.


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