Concrete is a strong and durable material that can be used for a number of projects. As a homeowner, you have most likely noticed concrete in aspects of your property, such as sidewalks, driveways, and patios. While the material is durable and made to last for many years, it can be subject to cleanup or repair needs. So, what do you do when a repair is needed? How do you know what to look for? Below are a few common issues you will come across and how to fix them. In some cases, you can do the work yourself, while other issues may require professional assistance.

Cracked Concrete

Sidewalks and driveways are areas where cracking can occur due to settling over time or issues with how the concrete was laid. If you have small cracks, you will be able to repair the issue yourself. Large and deep cracks should be left to the experts. Have you noticed cracks along the concrete areas of your home? Are they small hairline fractures? If you have small cracks in the concrete, you can repair this with a filler from a hardware store. Filler comes in many forms and can easily be used to fill in the crack and provide a seamless look.
When you have larger cracks, there could be a deeper problem within your concrete. Large and open cracks should be reviewed by a professional. They will determine the best course of action for the repair need and then get to work fixing the issue.

Broken Concrete

Do you have concrete areas that have broken off? Patio corners are an example of where broken issues can occur. On the corners, concrete can become weak due to pressure that can lead to a cracked off a portion of the patio. When this happens, the issue can be repaired. It can require setting up a form and then filling in space with new concrete to put the corner back on your patio. If you have experience in concrete pouring, then you can fix this problem. However, it seems to be complicated, leave the repair work to the experts.
The type of repair work needed will depend on where the break is and what caused it. Professionals with experience in concrete know just what to do to take care of any problems you may have. Broken concrete can be fixed, you just have to know the right way to do it.


Concrete can also stain from time to time depending on what the concrete material is used for. Take a driveway for example. Driveways are often subject to staining due to cars being parked on top of the concrete. If oil leaks from the vehicle, it can leave behind a stain. Fortunately, this is something you can clean up yourself. You will first need to wash away the oil with a strong detergent and a sponge.
You will then need to use a concrete cleaner or a degreaser. This will help to loosen and remove the soil. You can also use a poultice to break down the oil and remove it from the concrete.

Following these tips will help you to protect your home investment by caring for your concrete.


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