Many homes across the United States have basements. A basement area in some states is used as a shelter during storms or storage, while others use the space for living areas and even bedrooms. When you have a basement, it is important to inspect the space on a regular basis. Basements can be prone to leaks or other issues and should be repaired to avoid additional damage. If you find that several things are wrong with your basement, what should you fix first? Can you repair multiple issues at once?

Understanding Basement Repair Needs

When it comes to a basement in the home, there are common repair issues that can take place. This includes water damage due to leaking, cracks in the walls or floors as well as buckling. When you have a repair issue, it needs to be taken care of right away. The basement is similar to a foundation as it supports the upper rooms of your home. When you leave a repair need unchecked, it can cause more damage to the home that is much more costly.

So, let’s take a look at these three repairs. Let’s say you found a leak in your basement on the floor, you have a wall that is buckling and a floor that is cracked. All of this could stem from the same problem. If you have shifting that occurred in the ground, it can lead to buckling and cracking. The opening then can allow water to come in and damage your home.

These repairs would need to be taken care of but at different times. You will want to clean up the water damage first, then repair the buckling and crack. With the water damage cleaned up and any drywall or flooring repaired, you can then fix the main issue, the buckling and crack.

This will require professional assistance in some cases as the wall may need to be straightened out a bit and this can be done with certain equipment. Once the buckling is gone and the crack filled, your room will be back to normal.

You can then seal the wall with waterproofing and paint. Your basement is then repaired fully and you can use it once again.

While these repairs all needed to be taken care of, there was an order of completion to follow. If you are unsure how to repair issues you find in your basement or what to do first, do your homework. Look up the issues online and find guides in which to follow. If you are handy, then you should be able to take care of these problems yourself.

If you do not feel confident about your DIY skills or the project seems too complicated to handle, don’t stress. Just hire a concrete company that specializes in basement repair. They can provide an estimate for the project and a timeline to get your basement repaired and back in working order. Rely on the experts when you don’t think you can handle the amount of work yourself or you don’t have the know-how.

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