One of the best ways to maintain a healthy drain is to prevent it from clogging up. When you ensure that your drains are clean at all times, there will be lesser debris built up and you will not have so many clogged pipes. Apart from avoiding a major pipe burst due to a clogged drain, it also helps your pipes last a lot longer and saves you a lot of money. In case you are wondering what you need to do to maintain healthy drain pipes, then here are a few important steps you need to follow.

Use A Drain Cleaner

The smartest thing to do is to use a drain cleaner to prevent clogs from occurring. These are simple solutions that you pour into the drain and follow the instructions that come along with the packet. The healthiest way to maintain your drains is to follow this procedure at least once in a couple of months.

Pour Boiling Water Into Your Drain At Regular Intervals

One of the most convenient ways for you to clean your drain is to pour hot water in it at least once a week. What this does is prevent the grease from sticking to the side of the drain pipe and keep the pipe clean from inside. The more often you pour hot water the healthier your drain pipes will be from within.

Garbage Disposal

Another smart technique to keep your drain pipes healthy is to clean your garbage disposal at least once a month with a strong disposer brush. You could also choose to grind a few cups of ice with some salt and put this in your garbage disposal. Not only does this help to remove the grease and slime from the sides of the disposal, but it also helps to keep it cleaner. You could also squeeze a lemon into your garbage disposal to add a pleasant aroma.

Washing Pets

If you bathe your pet in the sink, then it’s important to ensure that you clean the plug hole properly and place a filter of some sort to prevent excess hair from clogging the drain. When you do this it automatically helps to keep your drain a lot cleaner.

Look For Early Signs Of Trouble

The minute you notice that the water takes a long time to drain out than it used to or if there is a sign of some sort of smell or leakage or white patches around your property, get the drain pipe fixed as soon as possible.

Call In Professionals

In case you are not able to figure out what the problem is or you cannot unclog the drain, then it’s best for you to call in experts so they can help you redo your drain pipes without burning a hole in your pocket.

Whether your drain pipes are under concrete or running parallel to your wall, maintaining them regularly is always a more cost-effective solution as compared to having to unclog a drain once it’s leaking or flooded or even after it has burst.

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