When people are concerned with the concrete foundations and construction on their property, they are usually most interested in their home, specifically. But other things like the driveways may also be in need of attention. Sometimes these other locations and buildings get neglected. This is especially true on more rural property where barns or numerous other structures may exist. Here are a few examples of areas on your property that also need to be properly cared for and maintained:


Garages are buildings constructed on a concrete base just like a house is. They have floors, walls, doors, ceilings and sometimes windows as well. They go through all of the same issues that the foundation of your home may go through. The same principles that apply to your house would also help to ensure the continued quality of the concrete work in your garage. Regular inspections and maintenance are suggested.

Tool or Maintenance Sheds

These structures are similar to garages in the sense of house they are used, although they are usually separate and independent from the home itself. This means it is probably on its own foundation poured just for that building. Just as with a house or a garage, the same warning signs apply for when the foundation may be in trouble. Sagging floors, bowing walls, cracks, and sticking doors or windows are just a few examples.

Outdoor Structures

There are a number of fun and functional buildings which people have built and installed in the outdoor areas of their home, especially in the backyard. Among the most common are porches and patios. Although people often use these two terms interchangeably to describe the same type of structure, the fact of the matter is that they are quite different. Porches are typically an addition to the house itself and are attached to it structurally. This means that any foundation or concrete problem with a porch is actually a problem with your home foundation.

Patios, however, are usually independent from the home and are built on their own base. They can be right up against or adjacent to the house, as well as being placed further away from it and closer to other structures or accessories such as an outdoor kitchen or social area. Other similar buildings include gazebos and pergolas, among others. Each of these are all examples of things that need to be considered when inspecting your properties’ concrete integrity and function.


Also, pools are commonly overlooked when it comes time for concrete repair or maintenance. When people keep these areas full of water all the time, even the highest quality sealants and preventative measures won’t keep the concrete and cement from deteriorating over time. Emptying it out and inspecting during the time of the year when it is not in use can help add years of quality function to its life.

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