Concrete is used in various ways throughout a home, within the interior and the exterior. You may have concrete sidewalks, countertops, flooring, driveways, etc. The material is quite durable and can last a lifetime, which is why it is so commonly used. As the homeowner, it is important to review your concrete areas on a regular basis to assess any damage. There are danger signs you can look for, that can show you will have a greater problem in the future.

Take uneven concrete for example. Unevenness is a sure sign that your concrete application has an issue. Learning more about common problems will help you to decide if repair service is needed. Acting early can save you money as well as time on repairs.

Base Problems

When you begin to see an uneven look to your concrete, say within a sidewalk or driveway, it needs to be inspected. Take a look for yourself to see if you can identify the problem. In some cases, the base of the installation was not set correctly before the concrete was laid. When the base is not flat and ready for concrete, it can create space underneath which can create an uneven look as the ground under the concrete starts to move away.

You may have a portion of your concrete that is lower than another portion. This can lead to breakage if too much weight is applied to the weaker area. The base needs to be filled in order to support the concrete and ensure that material will not be subject to breaking.

Breakage or Buckling

Another issue with uneven concrete is buckling or breakage. Concrete can buckle and lead to bulging in areas when water is able to get under the material and change the base. Buckling makes a driveway impossible to use or creates a tripping hazard on a sidewalk.

With breakage, uneven concrete can easily break down due to the elements or just a lapse in time without repair. As concrete becomes uneven, any weight applied can cause breakage to the weaker areas. Weather can also play a role in breakage as water can lead to significant damage and breaks occur.

When you spot these more severe signs, repair service is essential to get your concrete spaces back to normal.

Avoiding Major Repair Costs

By inspecting your concrete on a regular basis, you can find any issues and have them taken care of as quickly as possible. Uneven spots that are left alone by homeowners can lead to major damage. Without quick repair, you may have an extensive repair on your hands, costing you time as well as money.

In some cases, repairs may require a complete overhaul of your installation. This is when you will see a higher cost for the repair. Avoid having to pay too much and see your concrete re-poured completely by taking care of the situation as easily as possible.

By being proactive, you can have concrete areas that are functioning correctly and can be enjoyed for years to come.

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