There are any number of reasons that you may be noticing a shifting or sinking in the way your homes rests on its foundation. In fact, as the years go by it may even be visually noticeable that one side of your house sits lower in the ground than the other.

And once this happens, you will then begin to feel and see the other side sinking as well. Although there are multiple possible cause to these issues, when it comes right down to it there are 4 particular concerns that are usually responsible for this kind of situation.

1. Weather Conditions
Freezing temperatures which produce snow and ice, as well as extreme heat on the other end of the thermometer can each cause damage to a home’s foundation and concrete due to the significant contraction or expansion that the materials go through during these swings. This can affect not only the slab but also the foundation beams and piers as well.

2. Improperly Functioning Drainage System
A plumbing system that has damage or leaks and isn’t getting the proper drainage can definitely create a world of problems with the foundation of your home. Moisture which gets trapped in the soil causes it to become eroded and loses its strength and support capability. If left unattended to long enough, this problem can evolve into something as serious as a sinkhole.

The continued damage will lead not only to foundation and structural issues but will also call for an expensive and possibly complete plumbing reinstallation as well.

3. Poorly Installed Foundation
In some unfortunate cases, the problem has nothing to do with mother nature or a malfunctioning set of pipes. Sometimes the contracting and construction crew that laid the foundation in the first place simply did not perform the task properly. This can be due to anything from cutting corners and using lower priced, lower quality materials to running behind schedule and having to rush the process.

Sometimes laborers are not properly trained before they are allowed to handle certain aspects of the build unsupervised and they make a mistake that goes unnoticed. Regardless of the details, it doesn’t make having to have it repaired any less important now.

4. Moisture and Humidity
These are also two very common culprits of settling or sinking foundations. While one cause of this may be the aforementioned plumbing issues, it can also be caused by excessive rain or flooding. This sort of continued problem can lead to a situation known as foundation upheaval, where it actually begins to move in an upward direction. The areas under the home are the ones which are most seriously affected by this issue such as basements and crawlspaces.

Another problem that arises from a situation like this is that it attracts water bugs and termites which arrive to feast on the softening components which are deteriorating under the constant moisture.

Even though any one of these issues may not necessarily mean that you have major foundational problems to deal with, until you investigate further, you cannot be sure. Get in touch with us today to discuss the next steps for your property.

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