When it comes to home maintenance and cleaning, one of the chores that many times gets overlooked is the concrete and cement areas located all around the property. This is not limited to just driveways and garage floors. There might be numerous walkways, outdoor structures such as porches and patios or decorative and recreational buildings like gazebos present on your property.

And of course, there are sheds, outdoor cooking or dining areas, as well as many others that may be constructed on or with concrete. These all need regular cleaning and upkeep to make sure that they stay in good shape both visually and functionally.

Simple Cleaning Techniques
To start with, the best technique would be using the least toxic cleaning materials and work your way up from there. While these products will usually work for basic cleaning, they cannot be expected to handle more serious and set in stains. The main purpose of these light soaps and detergents is to keep the surface clean following a new installation or after a more intense and thorough cleaning has taken place.

For outdoor cleanup, a pressure washer with a biodegradable detergent is a good way to go. For indoor jobs, a bucket, along with a bristle (not wire) scrub brush should suffice.

Heavier-Duty Methods
For more stubborn areas you may have to go with a more advanced formula of cleaning materials and techniques. When it comes to a serious cleaning and maintenance task, solutions such as muriatic acid may be necessary to get that deep and thorough clean that you are looking for.

This type of cleaning agent can work magic on grime and mildew, oil stains, rust, as well as many other set in materials which not only offer an unsightly appearance but can also create safety hazards due to the fact that they are slick or slippery.

Proper landscaping techniques are also something that will help you keep your concrete areas clean. When there is overgrowth from trees, bushes and other shrubbery, it can impact the edges of the concrete barriers it is contained within.

And since the root systems for these plants competes with the soil for water, in some cases it can lead to uneven soil moisture. The best solution is to make sure that you don’t plant too close to the type of structures that you are trying to maintain and care for.

Preventative Care Tips
One of the easiest ways to get rid of stains and debris from your property is to never have it build up in the first place. This can be helped by applying a protective coating on the concrete areas in and around your home. For the exterior, a silane or siloxane sealing can be very effective in repelling water which will also help to avoid stains. For interior protection, a masonry topcoat or primer should do the trick.

To make sure that your concrete is in good condition and properly maintained, get in touch with one of our maintenance and repair professionals. We will be glad to provide any assistance that you may need with your next cleaning project.

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