Basement walls are an area in the home that can be prone to leakage. When you have a leak problem, it limits the way you use the space, especially if the basement is an interior room. With a leak, you can have water stains as well as mold and mildew growth. The issue can be a DIY project or require professional assistance based on the problem at hand. Learning more about basement leaking can help homeowners know what to do in a given scenario.

Basement walls can leak due to cracks as well as basement windows or around pipes that are penetrating the walls. Water can also seep through the concrete which can lead to moisture issues. When you have a major leak, the goal is to remove the water and then seal the area. If you have the capability of removing the water, such as having a pump, then you can do that while you wait on a professional to assess the damage.

Wall Repairs

There are several ways that a wall can be repaired. The route you take will depend on the type of damage you have within your basement walls. Take for example a wall crack. If you have a crack within your basement walls, water may be entering the space. The crack will need to be sealed correctly in order to avoid any more water coming in. This type of service will require professional help. Certain materials will need to be used to fill the crack and ensure that water problems no longer remain.

Waterproofing is another option. The process can be completed on the inside or outside of the basement walls. On the inside, waterproof paint and/or coating can be applied that will create a vapor barrier to hold back moisture. The process should help to avoid water issues for a few years. Over time, waterproofing must be reapplied to ensure stability.

The exterior of the basement walls can benefit from damp-proofing. This process is where the outside of the walls is cared for. This type of process can only be completed if the outside walls can be accessed. For the most part, waterproofing is completed on the inside due to the ease of access.

Inspecting the Exterior

It is also important to inspect the exterior of your home for issues. If grading is not done properly or gutters are too close to the home, you will have water that sits next to the basement walls. The water will then penetrate the walls and cause an issue. Reviewing the exterior on a regular basis will ensure that your home is protected and not subject to any issue. Any problems can be taken care of by a professional to ensure stability.

Overall, it is essential that your basement walls have some form of waterproofing in place. When a leak occurs, major damage can take place in the space. Keeping an eye out for problems will ensure that your home is protected and repairs made to the walls as needed.

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