Slabjacking is a commercial way of pressure grouting. It helps to lay the foundation of a repair solution made with pumping cement and water underneath a concrete slab which helps it to rise. The elements in the mixture remain the same for every project. This procedure helps in settling down concrete in a natural way. This also helps to prevent soil erosion while settling down concrete. Slabjacking is a natural way to deal with the movement of the earth which happens from time to time during a natural calamity.

Benefits of Mudjacking / SlabjackingDuring a Storm

Fixes the Concrete in Severe Weather Conditions

During a storm, concrete dislocates from its original place due to severe weather conditions. The process of Slabjacking or Mudjacking helps people to fix concrete at any temperature. This helps to conduct repairs in the concrete surface all through the year; however, it’s best to get it done during spring in Illinois.

Mudjacking / Slabjacking is a Non-Disruptive Process

In case people have heavy-duty equipment or storage containers placed on the concrete slab, they can rest assured since Slabjacking or Mudjacking is a powerful method to repair the concrete slab. This is a non – disruptive way and does not cause any damage to the slab. During a storm, this method quickly settles down the concrete and makes it a firm foundation to hold heavy-duty equipment.

Saves Cost for Concrete Replacement

Replacement of concrete is a costly affair. People can use the method of Slabjacking or Mudjacking to repair concrete to avoid replacement.

Benefits of Mudjacking/Slabjacking After a Storm

-Creates convenience because it uses a concrete mixture to lay a strong foundation in moist soil.

-It is a cleaner version of settling down concrete in a firm way without involving a heavy cost.

-It doesn’t create too much mess while laying down the concrete foundation if the slab portion falls off due to cracks.

-It retains the color of the slab and doesn’t let Slabjacking or Mudjacking discolor the concrete slab by making it dull.

-It uses the latest machinery to install the concrete through the process of Slabjacking or Mudjacking.

-It retains the curve appeal of the house and ensures a strong foundation once the storm hits the city.

Slabjacking or Mudjacking is a quick fix solution to lay the foundation of concrete slabs after the storm hits.

Slabjacking or Mudjacking is a good way to keep the color of the concrete uniform without spoiling the look and feel of the house externally.

-Slabjacking or Mudjacking helps in the eco-friendly repair of damaged portions or cracks in the concrete.

-Slabjacking or Mudjacking doesn’t damage the landscape around the house while fixing the concrete.


Slabjacking or Mudjacking is the best technique to restore concrete slabs during or after a storm especially during spring in Illinois. Severe weather conditions such as storms can damage the durability of concrete with time. This method is a clean method that uses the latest machinery and technology to lay the foundation of concrete once again without causing damage to the landscape of the house. This process ensures concrete is of a uniform color. It uses natural materials to repair the damaged concrete portions.

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