The foundation walls of the home play a vital role in the overall integrity of your dwelling. The foundation walls need to remain straight and intact so that your home can remain level and free of issues. However, over time, walls can move due to settling or sunken foundation issues. Knowing what to look for can help you to avoid any major problems in the home due to the foundation. Below is a simple guide to sunken foundation problems and warning signs to look for.


An obvious sign that your foundation is sinking is noticeable cracks on the walls. While some cracks are normal, some are a sure sign that you have a foundation issue. The location, direction, and size of the crack are factors that must be considered.

A foundation crack that is wider at the top than the bottom can be an indication that the section of the foundation is falling away from the rest. The foundation may need to be stabilized, so one should consult a foundation expert. Filling any cracks may be a hindrance if the foundation must be lifted back in place.

Window and Door Frame Cracking

Cracks in the walls are common in a home due to settling. Such cracks can also occur due to moisture or the application of the drywall. However, cracks above the window or door frames can also mean that your foundation is settling and causing an issue. If you see a crack along the corners of any doors or windows, this can indicate that the foundation has moved. The foundation will need to be inspected by a professional. Try setting a level on the window frame where the crack is located. If it is unlevel, you most likely have a foundation issue.

Windows and doors may also stick when foundation problems are present. If you find that you have a door or window, or several in the home that will not open or shut well, the foundation has problem started sinking.

Uneven Flooring

Have you noticed that the flooring of your home appears unlevel? Perhaps you dropped something and it rolled away severely in one direction. When you have floors that are uneven, it can be caused by foundation sinking. Such problems can become worse over time, so it is essential that the foundation is reviewed and repaired as needed. Some problems are easier to repair than others, so dealing with an issue quickly is your best bet to avoid an overly expensive repair job.

Foundation problems always get worse over time. The best thing you can do like the homeowner when you notice any problem, is to have your foundation reviewed. A professional can inspect the foundation and discover if the foundation has an issue or if you might have another problem at hand.
With an inspection, you can find out what is wrong and complete repairs. Since problems with the foundation only worsen with time, you may end up with more damage and higher repair costs, the longer you wait.
Contact a professional immediately for assistance so your foundation issues can be taken care of quickly, by professionals who know just what to do for your home’s needs.

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