Choosing the right concrete for your construction projects can be a tough decision. You must understand each concrete type serves a different purpose. The same should be ordered in an appropriate proportion to meet your requirement. This will help you to complete your construction project on time. It is also important to decide whether it’s a residential or commercial project. Each kind of floor is different from the other. The type of concrete being used plays an important role in your construction project. Homeowners and business owners can make a wise choice when selecting concrete for their respective properties.

Concrete for Residential Space Enhancement

Each space is different from the other. This means each floor is constructed using a different kind of concrete. Residential floors are generally lightweight. Having said that, you should never compromise on the quality of the concrete. This can spoil the look and feel of your residential space in the long run. You must make a note that residential concrete is more cost-effective than commercial concrete. You can choose simple overlays of concrete for your homes. Concrete floors enhance the overall look of your house in a cost-effective manner.

Concrete for Commercial Space Enhancement

Commercial concrete floors must be able to withstand high footfall volumes on the floor. Business owners generally choose concrete that is stronger and durable for a longer period. Proper reinforcement is provided to enhance the strength and durability of the floor. You should be sure that commercial concrete floors can withstand things like spills, abrasions, and high footfall. You can also choose a high-quality coating to finish the concrete floor. Commercial concrete floors also need very low maintenance.

Difference between Residential & Commercial Concrete

The materials used for residential and commercial buildings are different from each other. The concrete used for a residential building is lightweight and cost-effective. This material is durable for smoothly constructing a home within the specified timeline.
Commercial concrete assists in the construction of complex designs which require the concrete to provide more strength and intensity to the commercial project. The codes and permissions for commercial and residential buildings are different from each other. Commercial buildings get constructed with strict rules and regulations. On the other hand, residential buildings follow fairly lenient regulations.
The essential parameters which differentiate commercial and residential buildings from each other are building materials, electrical systems installed in the building, and guidelines for plumbing in both kinds of buildings. The techniques of construction also vary from each other. The design and size of the building also play a vital role in construction.

Bottom Line

You must prepare a list of questions for the construction company you hire to complete your residential or commercial project respectively. These questions should be based on what kind of building materials can you use? What kind of construction techniques are best for your property? What is the total investment you will require to construct a residential or commercial property? You must also take into account the allocated budget for the same.

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