It is essential to have a solid plan before extending your concrete fixtures. A great plan will allow you to seamlessly increase your space, whether it is a patio or a deck.

Are You Planning to Extend Your House’s Pre-sale?

Well, that’s a great plan – it could give your home value a boost. In this guide, we will take you through the steps you need to follow to extend your concrete fixtures.

Mark the Perimeter

As per the plan, you have to mark the perimeter tom be covered with chalk. After that, you will only need a shovel to excavate the area. The depth should get to at least 9 inches to ensure the strength and durability of your extension. You then have to decide on the amount of gravel and cement needed for the whole expansion.

Compact the Soil

If the soil underneath the concrete is uneven, there will surely be a difference in the quality of concrete. This is why you have to ensure you compact the soil using equipment that can flatten the land. This can make the soil tough for concrete to stand on. Make sure you repeat the flattening a few times and ensure it is stable before you start with the next step.

Add the Gravel (Crushed)

Once you have the perfect ground for the concrete, you have to start adding crushed gravel to the soil. Add an amount that fits into the 4 inches of space on the base and evenly spread it on the surface. Level it properly and proceed further to the next step.

Build a Form

To build a form, you have to line up 2 x 6-foot lumber and fill it with gravel. You have to make sure that it stays on top of the gravel, evenly around the edges. Nail the lumber together with the gravel and set it as per the level of the driveway or the patio. This will provide you with support for the gravel to make the right adjustments to the expansion.

Pour the Concrete

Before you pour the concrete over the surface, make sure you have the perfect mix. Simply follow the instructions on the bag to make a perfect mix. Pour it evenly on the surface for a smooth texture. Feel free to consult a professional for an easier time with the project.

Screed and Stab

Start by stabbing the concrete with a shovel or dragging the pieces of lumber on its surface. Repeat the same till it hardens, forming the perfect layer.

Smooth the Surface

For this part, you need to have a trowel. This equipment is flat-iron shaped, making gliding it on top of the concrete easy. Keep moving it around until it evens out the concrete surface. That’s all it takes to expand any concrete fixture.

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