Historically, concrete has proven to be an exceptionally durable building material, but it is not immune to damage. It is vulnerable to cracking especially as it cures. It is also eroded by corrosive chemicals, damaged by weight and impact, and it can be extensively undermined by the freezing of water trapped in it since water expands when it freezes. In order to protect the concrete and prolong its life, sealing or coating is recommended.

Coating or sealing can also be done to enhance the beauty of the concrete. Choosing between the two is dependent on the floor’s use and expected traffic.


Sealing highlights the beauty of a concrete floor by amplifying the color and adding sheen. It offers protection from stains and abrasions. You can do it yourself or hire professionals. The latter often yields better results due to the subtleties of sealing that are likely to be missed.

If you choose to do it yourself, keep in mind the following simple steps:

-Give the concrete time to cure fully
-Ensure overlays and stains dry before sealing
-If possible, remove baseboards. Otherwise, cover them for protection
-Clean the floor thoroughly and wait for it to dry
-Wear appropriate protective gear and clothing
-Open all the doors and windows for proper ventilation
-Apply a thin coat of concrete floor sealer and allow it to dry
-Apply a second coat in the opposite direction, let it dry
-Procced to wax the surface of the floor to prolong the life of the sealer

Ensure you consult the experts before sealing so that you actually get a sealer that is compatible with your decorative surface. Outdoor surfaces that are likely to be damaged by the weather require lightweight concrete sealers. Common sealers include acrylic-resin sealers and penetrative sealers such as siliconate. Sealers are recommended for application on driveways, patios and other outdoor surfaces, and indoor surfaces with limited foot traffic.


Coatings offer greater resistance to corrosive industrial chemicals and abrasions compared to sealers. However, they cost more. Available formulations are epoxy floor coatings and urethane coatings. They can be used separately or together. Coatings are commonly applied on industrial floors, facilities with high levels of foot traffic such as malls, and commercial and residential garages.

Sealing And Coating Your Concrete Garage Floor

Garage floors are protected from the elements. However, since most garage floors are made from concrete, the same inadequacies associated with concrete are observed. The floor will crack, be damaged by abrasive forces, corroded by chemicals, and stained by oil spills. Whether you have a new garage floor or an old one that is no longer aesthetically pleasing, sealing and coating will go a long way in restoring and maintain the beauty and quality of your garage floor.

Salting or Sanding Sealed or Coated Driveways

Sealing or coating your driveways, walkways, and patios offers protection from the damage associated with winter. Since the materials used are impervious to water, no water sips into the concrete to freeze and thaw thus causing damage. This prolongs its life. However, like any other outdoors surfaces, especially those people drive on, it is important to salt or sand during winter to accelerate the thawing of the ice which usually causes accidents due to poor grip.

To properly salt or sand surfaces you need at hand a winter shovel, a bag of de-icing salt or sand, and salt or sand spreader. Dress warmly before proceeding outside for the hard work. Clear the snow away and apply the salt or sand evenly on the ice as per manufacturer’s instructions. Once the ice has melted, remove the ice chunks by shoveling and place it in ditch where it will continue melting.

Do you need help?

Sealing, coating, salting, and sanding are all labor intensive. Sealing and coating do not yield the desired results if not done properly. Seek the surface of professionals to utilize their expertise. Call us today and we will guide and help you quickly and properly seal or coat your garage floor.


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