There are many factors that go into the overall cost of installing a driveway, and each one can have a significant impact on the final price.
Here are factors that affect the cost of your driveway:

Cost of Materials

The cost of materials can vary from place to place as well as from material to material. For example, concrete is cheaper in some areas than in others. Concrete prices vary depending on the area of installation and whether you buy ready-mixed or bagged concrete. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1 per square foot for standard concrete up to $3 per square foot for decorative concrete with rounded edges or colored chips added in. Other materials such as asphalt or brick also vary greatly in price depending on quality, color, size, and shape as well as having different additives added into them (such as rubber) that increase their durability and longevity.

Size and shape of driveway

Another factor in calculating the cost of your new driveway is its size and shape. Standard widths are usually 4 feet or 6 feet wide, though other dimensions are possible as well depending on what fits best with your property’s layout and how much space you want between the edge of your driveway and any landscaping features such as plants or trees on either side of it (which may be planted in beds). The larger your lot is, the more space you need for parking and maneuvering vehicles, so this can really add up if you have a large driveway area. If you have a small lot and want an expansive driveway, you’ll have to pay for both materials and labor to haul in more material than what was originally planned.

Tools and Labor

The cost of tools and labor will depend on how long it takes to complete the project. The more skilled the contractor, the higher their hourly rate is likely to be. It’s also important to consider whether they will be working alone or with an assistant or crew. If you need extra help or if it’s a particularly large job, then hiring additional workers may be necessary. On the other hand, if you only need help for part of the time, then hiring fewer workers may be cheaper in the long run.

Taxes and Permits

Most municipalities require permits for new construction projects, which can add to your total cost, starting anywhere from $50-$200. Depending on where you live and how much work is being done, these fees could be substantial or negligible compared with other factors in your bid quote. You may also have to apply for permits from your city before you can begin construction on your new driveway.


Before you can even start talking about how much it costs to build a driveway, you need to consider whether or not you will be installing a drainage system along with it. If you do not install a drainage system, then your driveway will be subject to water damage and erosion over time. The cost of installing a drainage system depends on how many drains need to be installed, how deep they need to be dug and how far apart they are spaced apart from one another.

Interested in repairing your driveway? These tips will help you estimate the total cost!

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