If your friends and family have a concrete driveway, patio, or pool deck, they should know that these structures are far more vulnerable to damage than they may appear. Contrary to popular belief, concrete that isn’t properly sealed absorbs water easily, making it susceptible to cracks and other types of damage rather quickly.

Fortunately, they don’t have to attempt to defend their concrete alone! Our experts can help repair any problems (major or minor) to keep their concrete structures viable for years to come.

So, what should you tell your family and friends to be on the lookout for? Here are a few common concrete problems that will need attention.


Concrete can crack as a result of mistakes made during the original pour or as a result of excessive rain and flooding. Although surface cracks in the concrete aren’t very hazardous, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a sign of potential future harm to a patio or pool deck. If they see cracks forming in the concrete surrounding their property, you should tell them to act fast to patch up the damage and stop it from getting worse.


Temperature and moisture can affect concrete. As the temperature changes, outdoor concrete constructions like a patio or pool deck will expand and contract at the molecular level. Concrete can literally alter size and shape as a result of those molecular changes, a phenomenon known as “concrete crawl.” The concrete may appear to be crawling toward the house or emerging from the yard.

Unfortunately, concrete crawl does more damage than just aesthetics. The structural supports of the house could be knocked out of place by moving concrete. Your family member might need to replace both the harmed concrete and the supports that were knocked out of position in order to fix concrete crawl damage.


When it comes to the structural integrity of concrete, water and time are both potent factors. Concrete may start to deteriorate and finally crumble as a result of one of these pressures. Your family or friends with suspected erosion problems must take immediate action if they detect that the concrete patio, pool deck, or accessories are sinking or are beginning to separate from the main structure. It can be difficult to prevent this kind of damage, but experts with experience shoring up these structures can assist in repairing any harm that has already been done.

Improper Installation

Construction crews are susceptible to errors when pouring concrete for home features around a property. The concrete may have been poured unevenly in some instances. An uneven pour not only increases the likelihood of cracks and other early damage but also compromises the safety of the homeowners. Typically, improper installation will need to be removed and replaced as quickly as feasible.

Early Cut Damage

While concrete is a very durable material, it can grow brittle and shatter if it isn’t given the room and moisture it needs to dry correctly. For instance, if the concrete is cut when it’s still wet, it can have jagged edges that chip.




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