Waterproofing concrete prolongs its life and makes the structure — whether it is a patio or a basement floor — more durable. Keeping water off of concrete is essential to its longevity. In fact, some places in the U.S. require waterproofing on concrete block walls in their building codes!

Does Concrete Waterproofing Last Forever

Epoxy and urethane-based compounds are referred to as durable concrete coatings. They are capable of withstanding abrasions, chemicals, and heavy traffic, hence the moniker “durable.” Surface preparation is the most crucial component in determining how long durable concrete sealers endure. This kind of coating will fail significantly more quickly if the floor is not adequately acid-etched or ground before application. However, durable concrete coatings can last up to ten years if the concrete has been properly prepared.

Waterproofing products made of silane and silicone-based materials can last for five to ten years. The longevity will vary depending on the elements the concrete is exposed to, including UV, salt from deicing, and vehicle traffic.

As you can see, there may come a time when you need to reapply your concrete waterproofing agent. But what happens if you’ve already painted your concrete? Will the waterproofing agent damage it?

Reapplying Waterproofing Over Paint

The concrete waterproofing coating can be applied to any surface, even painted walls, as it is a cement-like compound that permanently binds to concrete and masonry. The product can be used on already-painted surfaces without worrying about damage to the paint underneath.

Applying Paint over Waterproofing

What if it is the other way? You’ve already sealed your patio, but now you would like to add a new color to your decor scheme. Can you paint concrete that has already been waterproofed?

Unfortunately, you won’t get paint to adhere to an acrylic concrete sealer for very long. The concrete doesn’t have any pores that the paint could get stuck in and adhere to. The primer, paint, and sealant you previously applied have all filled them.

If you want to add new paint to your concrete after it has already been waterproofed, you’ll need to sand the sealer off. Once you’ve applied your new paint design, you must reseal it with the waterproofing agent.

You do, however, have the option of adding a pigment to your acrylic concrete sealer and adding another coat to give your concrete a new look.

Can You Skip Waterproofing?

If homeowners maintain it as instructed in terms of cleaning and maintenance, their waterproofed concrete should last between 25 and 50 years. For comparison’s sake, contemporary concrete buildings, bridges, and dams are made to endure 60, 120, and 250 years, respectively. Once more, these figures depend on a regular maintenance schedule.

However, if your concrete isn’t sealed, you might anticipate problems with it a few years after its installation. Your concrete will soak up much water if there isn’t a strong sealer keeping the moisture out. The water absorption will lead to expanding and contracting, bacterial corrosion, and other issues.

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