Basketball is a fun sport that children as well as adults enjoy. The game can easily be played in a driveway or backyard, but a basketball court makes for a much more enjoyable time. In many neighborhoods across the globe, basketball courts have been added to create a space for kids as well as adults to enjoy the game. Have you thought about creating a basketball court in your neighborhood? What would it take? Do you need permission or permits to do so? Read on below to see how you can make a difference in your community by adding a new court.


To begin, you would need a location. Think about your neighborhood. Are there any empty lots or areas that are currently unused? Is there a park in your neighborhood that has space for a court? Finding a location is the first step to creating a new court.

Local Government

Once you have found one or a few potential locations for the court, you need to visit the government offices of your community to see what permits you might need to get started. If a location you would like to use is government owned, then you will need to pitch the idea of the project to the mayor and other officials and see if they approve your plans. Any permits needed would then need to be pulled and the project would be able to get underway.

During this process, it is best to have a plan in place. Talk about how the basketball court will benefit the community and how you plan on financing the project. Will you be paying for the work on your own or do you have financial backers? Having a plan in place and being able to discuss what you wish to see happen will help to entice local leaders to see things your way.

It is also good to have the community on your side. Petition the neighborhood and see if everyone is in agreement with your plans. You can collect signatures of approval as well as have people attend the meeting with you so that the local government can see that the basketball court is something that everyone wants.

Concrete Crew Lined Up

It is also important to have your concrete crew lined up for the job. With a quality concrete company ready for the job, you have one more driving point to your plan. You can show how much the project will cost, how you will be paying for it and who will be doing the work. Show that you are serious about the project and how you plan on seeing it through to fruition. By having a plan in place, you are more likely to be successful in gaining the proper approvals.

Overall, adding a basketball court to your neighborhood can be tricky. Be prepared to have a plan in place and speak to government officials to get the ball rolling and hopefully in no time, you will have the new court in place for everyone to enjoy.

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