Reiterating waterproofing concerns

Waterproofing is a building technique that involves the use of materials to prevent water from penetrating walls and floors. Waterproofing concerns can include water collecting in the basement, causing mold and mildew, water damage to the foundation, and more. Waterproofing concerns can be fixed by using a waterproofing professional to install a system that will … Continued

Will Reapplying Waterproofing Ruin Paint on Concrete?

Waterproofing concrete prolongs its life and makes the structure — whether it is a patio or a basement floor — more durable. Keeping water off of concrete is essential to its longevity. In fact, some places in the U.S. require waterproofing on concrete block walls in their building codes! Does Concrete Waterproofing Last Forever Epoxy … Continued

Cracks and Bulges to Fix Before Winter

By late October, if you’re a homeowner getting ready for winter, you’ve probably already cleaned the gutters on your house, caulked around drafty windows, and replaced the worn weather stripping on the exterior doors. However, have you made any preparations to safeguard your outdoor concrete from the impending cold? Although concrete is one of the … Continued

Do You Have Friends or Family in Need of Repairs?  

If your friends and family have a concrete driveway, patio, or pool deck, they should know that these structures are far more vulnerable to damage than they may appear. Contrary to popular belief, concrete that isn’t properly sealed absorbs water easily, making it susceptible to cracks and other types of damage rather quickly. Fortunately, they … Continued

Does Extreme Heat Limit the Effectiveness of Concrete Repairs?

Anyone who has previously worked in construction is aware that optimum weather conditions are rarely present. If you waited for the perfect day to get to work, you’d only pour concrete a handful of days per year. The American Concrete Institute explains, “…one or a combination of the following conditions that tend to impair the … Continued

Foundation Repair After a Flood

Water moving at 10 miles per hour can exert the same amount of pressure as wind gusts moving at 270 miles per hour. Framed that way, it’s easy to see how flooding can cause a tremendous amount of structural damage to your home’s foundation. Foundational damage isn’t always easy to spot, though. After flooding has … Continued

Is Concrete Soundproof? And Other Strange Questions You May Have

Concrete is a commonly used building material known for its resilience, sturdiness, and malleability which makes it ideal for many different types of projects. Nearly 20 billion tons of concrete are used around the world each year, making it the most popular building material around the globe. Some of the most amazing properties of concrete … Continued

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