Repurpose With Purpose

Construction involves various phases out of which demolition happens to be the first. Demolition of concrete structures including sidewalks, driveways, foundations, and more can leave you with a lot of debris to deal with. Although recycling concrete might not be one of the most conventional ways to deal with it, doing this can leave you … Continued

Tips and Tricks to Painting Waterproofed Concrete

Concrete foundations and basement areas are often painted to create a nice aesthetic. If you are a new homeowner, you may be wondering how you can paint waterproof concrete successfully. Whether you are painting your exterior or the interior within a basement area, it is important to know what you are doing and complete the … Continued

Preventative Maintenance in Construction

In construction, preventive maintenance is crucial to the success of any project. It helps to maintain the quality and workability of a construction site. If the industry is not maintained properly, it can lead to a delay in production and an increase in costs, which will eventually affect the profitability of the project. It is … Continued

What is the strongest concrete repair?

Concrete is a popular construction material, but it can also be vulnerable. In the event of damage, you want to make sure that you have a reliable repair method. There are several methods for repairing concrete: epoxy injection, steel fiber reinforcement, and post-tensioning with cables, among others. Steel fiber reinforcement provides a good option if … Continued

Are There Industrial Concrete Features You Can Adapt for Your Home?

While you may think concrete is concrete, there are different applications based on whether the job is residential or industrial. There is a bit of crossover, and there are times when you may actually want a more industrial aesthetic. Concrete flooring is probably the most common industrial pours that residential customers want. They give a … Continued

Don’t Wait If You Suspect a Problem with Your Concrete

Owning a home is a major accomplishment. It allows you the option to design your own comfortable living space. Plus, you don’t need the landlord’s permission for anything, including renovations, landscaping choices, and whether or not you own a pet. However, there are a lot of responsibilities and obligations that come along with property ownership. … Continued

Need a Second Opinion? Experts You Can Talk To

If you are wondering if we gave you an accurate assessment of your repair needs, it is always wise to ask for a second opinion. Home renovations and repairs are quite costly and can take a toll on the wallet! It makes sense that you’d want to make sure you are getting the work done … Continued

Things to Know About Concrete and Wood

Having wood floors installed in your home can have a number of advantages. In terms of aesthetics, it gives warmth to the space, never goes out of style, and instantly raises a home’s market value. In addition, wood floors are incredibly robust and resistant to normal wear and tear. They are simple to keep clean … Continued

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